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Tue, November 13, 2007
I went for a jog today at 4:30 (got out early) in the woods, thinking it would be enough time for 45 minutes maybe before it gets dark. Uh, yeah. It's dark now and it isn't quite 5:30.

So I was way out (I cover a lot of ground) and no where to go but back out... through the woods... could barely see my hands, since the twilight in the forest happens far sooner. It's ok... I'm a good trailblazer, use the rest of my senses to guide me back out. Anyway, deep in the woods where the old stone walls lay crumbling, no where to go but back out... and came up with another tale. Enjoy.

We were loping along as fast as we could, my mare and I, through the tunnel made by the trees. Twilight was on us, that strange quality of light that tricks you into thinking you can see when really your peripheral vision is the only reliable source of information. I knew that the road lay a ways ahead, along with some form of civilization, and I was eager to reach it. There is something about the forest at night that never leaves me at ease, no matter how many years I have been a witch.

Suddenly the mare shied and snorted. She had some sense about her, though, and kept her head- and I saw what she was looking at. I gasped aloud- there, on the path, was a full grown gray wolf. It stood in the middle so we could not pass, looking calmly at us as we came to a rather ungraceful stop, all legs and rattling stones. Something was strange here; it kept eye contact with me, and I did not feel afraid after the initial shock had passed. I kept the mare calm and she steadied under my hand, against her every screaming instinct. The wolf stared into my eyes, and I felt something pass; it turned, started down the path, and looked back at us again. I had the keen feeling that we were to follow... and so we did. This somehow settled my mare, making her more than a little curious- we were not being chased, but doing the chasing? Strange.

It led us down the path and a little ways down, turned quickly off into a small side path, no wider than a deer's trail. It looked back to be sure we were following. We followed the wolf for another moment or two- it was so strange, I lost track of time- as the forest grew darker and darker. It was quite easy to follow it, the gray fur shining in the dark like snow does- illuminated almost from within.

The path ended and the wolf turned, looked at us, and stepped to the side revealing what was at the end. It then walked to a large oak a little ways away and lay down, watching. The tiny clearing the path led to had the strangest sight I had yet seen- a rose bush, in full bloom, and at this time of the year! My mare snorted, again uneasy- for the magic was thick here, and it unsettled her. This and the fact that the wolf was now near enough to smell- but she quieted again, realizing it was no threat, and I dismounted, tying her to a tree on the opposite side.

I walked over to the rosebush and the smell of it was overpowering even within a few feet of it. As I walked the wolf watched me, and I it; it was alright. Right when I was within touching distance of the amazing roses, I suddenly understood what this was, and why I was here. Remember who you are, your name, your magic... it is always here...

there may be more to this story, I don't know. The woods I have been running in seem to be full for me of stories and magic. I really love running there- I can't even describe how much, or what a balm it is for my soul.

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