Sunday, November 15, 2009

goddamn jar

Sat, June 18, 2005
So I came home from work really really hungry. Mmmm, I know, I will have some of those nice fresh raviolies I got at the supermarket. There was a nice fresh jar of sauce, yet unopened, in the fridge (I have very little cabinet space...)
I have the raviolies boiling on the stove, and pull out the jar.
My usual method is to spank the bottom of the jar, hard, as that helps break the seal; then it should open right up.
I fought with that damn jar for 10 minutes! I grunted and sweated, I tried steaming it, I tried banging it on the counter, I tried everything. I was red faced and frustrated when I heard a lawn mower next door.
I look out and yes, it was a man.
And aren't men so good at jars, after all?
It is humiliation for me, though; here I am, wrangling horses everyday for a living, and I can't open a frickin jar of sauce?
So I march out there, waving this jar at him. He looked like he thought I was gonna hit him with it. But he galliantly shut off the mower and I said, Help me! I have been arguing with this jar for 10 minutes and I can't get it open!!!
Now mind you; I was wearing my long grey wiggle skirt, a tight black tank top, my hair was in disarray and I was barefoot. He decided it was funny, laughed, took the jar and he too began to struggle with it.
I felt much better...
He got it open after a minute or two of grunting.
Ahhh, it's good to be a woman.

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