Sunday, November 15, 2009

devastating dimple

Mon, May 15, 2006
So Alyssum and I went out in the torrential downpour to a bead, gem and jewelry show in Marborough on Sunday. I got us into the wholesale room with actual papers and not just charm... hey, I use the regular way when I can!
Anyways, we were walking around and she spotted an amazing dichroic glass ring, wow! What sheen and shine! And advertisements all over the booth that said 50% off. Perfect!
The man selling the jewelry at the booth was a short, round, cute young Indian. She brought the ring up to him, and we were both all grins- ear to ear- we were having so much fun. Until he quoted the full price.
"But this is 50% off, the sign says so"
"Not for one piece! That is for wholesale!" (even though it didn't say that specifically...)
So, I said,
"How about for a smile?"
and dimpled him.
(see picture above... not my most flattering hairday, but you get the idea)

He paused... so I then said:

"It's ok, we just wanted to flirt with you anyway."

He folded right then and there, and gave it to Alyssum for a sweet price, saying-
"Well if you wanted to flirt, you should have come yesterday, we could have hung out!"
to which I replied...
"Oh, I couldn't! It was raining!"

hee hee!

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