Sunday, November 15, 2009


Mon, October 16, 2006
I was walking through a city park, lush with grass and changing leaves. The sun was warm and gentle, teasing my eyes with visions and sweet emotions. There I saw in the sweet green grass a man- still yet in motion, moving slowly, eyes closed, posture perfect.
What was it he was doing? Tai chi? Yoga? I did not know, unschooled as I am in those arts.

What I saw was a beautiful concentration, energy and purity pouring from his body, every muscle controlled and supple, tensed yet calm- like watching a cat stretching.

I watched to see what space he occupied; his eyes were closed yet he contained himself in a small circle. Such perfect concentration, I saw in wonder, such amazing controlled energy. He was completely alone in a crowded park on a beautiful day.

I was moved by this, so moved; and suddenly knew what it was I had to do.

I sat outside the circle he made with his movements and closed my eyes, my hands extended slightly and gently before me, holding space. Adding energy, feeling energy... Would he feel it? I did not wish to disturb him... I put the energy out there, if he wants it he can have it, it is not mine to give or take... the beauty of universal Reiki.

I could feel the power, his grace and beauty, and my own; relaxed into it, feeding it. The sun warmed my back and relaxed my mind
My muscles
My soul...
Holding space, giving energy.

I began to feel the energy change subtly at first, growing stronger, sweeter. I felt a giggle bubble up- where is that from? My fey nature kicking in (uh oh, we're too serious here, gotta throw a little chaos in)?

I began to feel the energy concentrated around my hands (I feel another energy...) so I smiled and moved with it, felt him moving with me.
A breeze came, moved my hair- I opened my eyes and looked straight into his. He sat before me on the grass, his hands aligned with mine, inches away, moving with me in perfect grace, smiling as bright as the sun- looking for all the world as natural there as the trees that lived in the park for the last 100 years.

This was inspired by Prodigy "Narayan"
It unfolded in my mind as I worked my body at the gym, headphones in my ears, eyes closed... I have some pretty wild imaginings while I work out but this one felt sweet and special. Thought I would share...

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