Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wicker Man Burning

Sun, Sept 24, 2006
I went with Trouz Bras to Hudson NY this weekend to the Riverfire Celtic celebration... in honor of the Equinox. I got to spin fire with Pheonix Fire during the day and then I spun during the evening concert with Trouz Bras! It was in a huge old factory, "Basilica Industriel". It looked like a castle with huge candelabras aglow, flags on the stone walls... mmmmm... I got to leap, spin and cavort in front of the stage with fire in front of a great audience. I alternated bellydance with fire, throughout the set, with crazy energetic costume changes... sharing a 'green room' with 15 little Traditional Irish dance girls... amazing! So much fun; the audience loved it.

After the concert (with other bands such as Coyote Run- yay! after us), we went outside to burn the Wickerman... wow!! The crazy owner climbed atop the roof of the outbuilding near the Wickerman (with moveable arms) wearing a top hat and ceremonial coat; shouted for the harvest and threw a HUGE burning torch into the 30 foot tall man... covered with diesel fuel (ahem, not good, I might add). But it was certainly spectacular, an exhausting day... and I made the front page of the newspaper, with the photo you see above. Whooooo hooo!

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