Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fire. I have lost everything. Everything.

Fri, April 27, 2007
Tonight I got the worst call anyone could get. My neighbor was standing outside watching my house burn. It was too smokey and hot to get inside.

My beloved cats are dead. Cap'n Shammy and Pippin. I prayed while I drove home from JP that this was a false alarm, a crude joke, that my cats would be fine. If it is a fire, I prayed, just spare my cats. Please spare my little loves.

Alyssum also had two cats. Only three bodies were found, and I am going tomorrow to figure out if one of them survived. They wouldn't let us near the house. I collapsed in hysterics. My room was gutted. Every single thing I own, from undies to CDs, computer, furniture, everything- I don't even have a bra to my name- gone. All of it gone. My brand new equine textbooks. All my syllabi.

I am alive. Alyssum is alive. My downstairs neighbors and their kid, all alive. Thank the Goddess for this. I do. Nothing will soothe this horrible ache that is left, my sweet purring friends are gone and I am devastated. I have nothing. I have friends, and love, and that will have to be enough.

Send me some white light, friends, I'm going to need it. Send some to Alyssum too. We are staying with friends so we are being looked after (they were waiting for us at the scene, love is truly what has gotten me through this). I am devastated. Completely devastated.

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