Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Donating my hair!

Today is the New Moon, an auspicious time for cutting away the old, the veils, and bringing in the new. I have been growing it out quite long for some time now, and I finally feel ready. I am donating to Locks of Love... those pics of cancer kids, really just kills me!
I threw a party this weekend, and when my lovely magical friends found out what I was doing they surrounded me and blessed the hair... any child who gets this hair gets all the fun magic and juju I have put into it over the years. This hair has been to countless fire circles, dancing, through the woods, to far places... My hope is that some of that is given to the child, to give her hope and confidence and healing. Aaaahhhh!!!
So today is the day. I go in half an hour... oooh, the butterflies. My long blonde hair is an essential part of my identity, something I am used to. Sweeping across my back as I dress in the morning, being part of my image and my fun... it will take some getting used to.
But hey! It's a renewable resource...

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Just call me cop charmer...

Been a while since I blogged. Since then I have definitely been pulled over several more times, and not once have I gotten a ticket... I don't want to ruin my luck, but seriously! I am a little proud. It all comes down to politeness, a little dimpling never hurts, and usually I have been speeding to get to the hospital... so telling them I am going to help a possibly dying horse never hurts...
I am shameless, I know it. When I have more time I will post here my adventures. Meanwhile a grueling exam awaits me tomorrow morn, and who am I to deny it?