Sunday, November 15, 2009

Out of the Snot

Tue, February 13, 2007
This morning was the first morning in a week that I did not emerge climbing through a snot-hazed fog to feign awakeness...
No indeed!

My 'morning person' brain was back to its old golden retriever self this morning:
"Oh, I'm awake, look! The sun! Oh, oh! Oooooo, I'm hungry. Oh what do I want to eat? Oh! I have to add this fact to my CV! Oh, maybe I can go to the gym! Oh boy! Hey! I don't need a tissue!"

The cat, of course, opened one eye and gave me the finger with just a look as only cats can do.
Fahk off, I was sleepin here.

Anyway I'm not completely clear but waaaaay better.

See, yesterday I spent the day high by accident. Oh, I should know better...
The night before I was sick (literally and figuratively) of being unable to sleep because my head still had an elephant attached to it. So I was rummaging around in my vitamins and found- dun, dun duhhhhh... cyclobenazapine! Ooooo, a muscle relaxant, I seem to remember this knocked my ass out last time.

Oh, but what did the wee foggy brained faerie forget??
Yes, that it knocked my ass out for 24 hours. Just like nyquil.

But conveniently enough I did not remember, as the elephant was pumping snot into my head and I couldn't string together a coherent sentence (not even lying.) I had to do SOMETHING; I had a test on Monday and needed some sleep.

Well- I took one eentsy weentsy little pill, and yay! passed out cold.
Problem is... the next morning, palm trees had sprouted from my ears and there were cute Hawaiian girls dancing on my eyebrows... oh, the music... to die for...
Yeah, so that was the mellowest exam experience ever. Thankfully it was only Econ, something I didn't bother studying for cuz there's no point (a monkey could do it...) But needless to say, every time I tried to have a conversation, people would look perplexed after a time and wander off. I was very confused all day.

One friend said she could see what I'd be like as an old lady, with a glass of peppermint schnapps and my little pill box, telling bizarre stories that don't make sense. Quaint. I like it. Only if I can have kitchen curtains with ducks on them.

Oh, it's apparent I'm not out of the weeds yet, eh? But I'm getting there. Loopiness is a sign of a happy mind.

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