Sunday, November 15, 2009


Wed, October 11, 2006
Ahhhh... I love the change of seasons, and the leaves are finally turning. I am a 4 seaon girl, I love them all... the air is finally getting crisper and I made my applesauce last night... mmm!

Some see it as a reminder that winter comes so soon, but for me- the time of hibernation is incredibly important. It allows me to really integrate what I am learning, deep into my bones. It reminds me of the pleasure of cuddling, warm blankets, purring kitties, cocoa and fire... and all the fine winter smells. I bought some cinnamon sticks today, in joyous preparation. I love it! Love fall, love winter!

It was not always so; I used to pine for summer, as the leaves fell and winter loomed near. Then I discovered the joys of playing in the snow- I learned to cross country ski, re-acquainted myself with sledding. Have you ever done a day hike in the forest, in deep deep snows? It is luscious. Absolutely incredible. You can track like a champ... listen to the sounds the woods make that the snows amplify... ahhhh... And the smell! I love the smell of snow on the trees. So special!

For now I will cherish the pumpkin and spice smell of fall. The smell of my neighbor's wood pile burning. Watching the coats get thicker on the animals... the horses are so fuzzy now!

So- go out and enjoy it... if you can't remember how, come over and I will make you mulled cider.

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