Monday, November 16, 2009

Passing with Grace

Wed, January 2, 2008
I wish I could have been with every single person I care about for New Year's, but alas! I have not mastered the art of teleporting or cloning... so I had to make a tough choice of where to go, and committed myself to a grand adventure. NYC and CoSM.

I had a great time, danced myself into a lather... for hours and hours.

Ms Imani held an intention ritual, where we would think about the lessons we have learned in the past year, and things we want to let go of... followed by thoughts of what we wish to call in this New Year. Although I did something very similar for Solstice (thank you A and K) I found myself flowing with it, and let what needed to appear come forward.

I found that the vision of the fire still holds a lot of power for me. It was difficult to stand in the street watching it all burn. So during the ritual, a daydream began... a daydream, a vision, of how to heal and go beyond it.

I stood in the street watching the house burn. Looking up at the second story window, my bedroom window, with flames licking out and skyward. I was standing, naked... levitated up to the window, with an incredible sense of peace and calm. Naked, I walked through the window, as flames roared around me. Slowly, I walked through the room with my arms out, fingers out stretched, caressing the essence of all the dreams, hopes, wishes and magic held in the objects found there. Impressions of these things, links to my past, swirled around me in eddys, catching on my fingertips and whisping away. I did not try to hold onto anything, just looked objectively and calmly at all the objects burning around me.

I continued through the house and sought my cats. I found them with thought, in their final resting place; I did not go and see them, but sent them waves upon waves of peace and love. Calm. Sleep. It's alright, let go. I am with you.

Out through the kitchen, smoke, but nothing touches me but the essence of what was there. Plants- let them go... everything whirling gently around, almost indistinguishable from smoke, and whisping away. Out of the door I went, and came to the porch, stepped down and stood looking at the backyard. I was naked still, unharmed by fire or smoke, whole. Those things I touched were with me in memory but gone, as should be; let go.

This vision of naked-through-the-flames continued as I began to think of the trauma of some of this education; the humiliation and suffering caused by stress and striving. Naked, I let the yelling and suffering roll down my back and flow into the earth- grounded. Not a hair on me is harmed. Coolness, smoothness... I am whole. Let go.

I have my wishes, now, my intentions for the new year. I hold them inside, gently with cupped hands as one holds a lily; I will not squash my dreams but keep them from harm, anchored as one can be anchored by a feather.

It was only one day off, but I feel refreshed and ready to face this year. I am ready to let go of the trauma and suffering brought by 2007, the needless and endless fear of the future. It is what it is. Good things are coming.

I wish you all peace and fulfillment of your desires and dreams in the new year.
blessed be.

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