Monday, November 16, 2009

I have a new home!

Fri, July 6, 2007
Yes... I'm back in MA, and just this morning have signed a lease on a new place. Yay!!! I have a small two room apartment in the same neighborhood as my old place, 100 yards from the Post Office Pub- right next door to some good friends. It's cute! I have a deck, even!

Say you'll come for tea!

If there are things you have been holding for me all summer (and I thank you), I can take them now to get my new place up and running. I'm very excited!

Yes- I am home early from my adventures. I was supposed to be traveling until Starwood, but I was too burnt out and exhausted to continue on this mad schedule. I've been traveling non stop since the fire.

This is what happened: I was on my way to my next- and last- externship in NJ. I was dreading it. I had heard some pretty bad feedback about the place; that although the medicine is excellent, they work the externs like slaves (four hours of sleep a night average); you sleep in a room with two bunk beds and two cots shared with 5 other students, sharing a corner with a tiny dorm fridge and microwave as your 'kitchen'. You walk downstairs and through the barn to use the bathroom or shower.

Now- had my externship block been spaced out, or had I come from a comfy home, or not so much travel, I might have been game. But I was already burnt and exhausted and used up. I was dreading it, but I was going.


The Tappan Zee Bridge was CLOSED!!!!
Yes, ladies and gents, there was a CAR ON FIRE on the bridge so they closed all 8 lanes of N and S. WOW.

All I saw was an electric sign that said "Tappan Zee Bridge closed, find alternate route."
Alternate route????? I barely know where I am in the world, the world's most confusing spaghetti dump of a highway system... oh my goddess. I called every person I knew that is from NY or NJ and needed help badly. When I finally got someone on the phone, I lost my marbles and started to cry. I'd just had enough. It was after some heartfelt conversation and talk of my well being that I decided to just turn around and retreat. I made this schedule, I can make it into something else.

So it took two and a half hours to go one mile to turn around in Tarrytown. They weren't letting a single soul through that bridge. It was a mess and it was lucky there wasn't some sort of riot. Unreal! Totally unreal. I'm glad I canceled though.

It was a full moon. I knew that what I needed more than anything to ease my heart was a home. After all I had nothing. Yes, I have friends' homes that I can come to and feel safe, but it isn't the same. My mom wasn't even at our old house, so I didn't have that either. I needed to get a place to regain some semblance of routine and sanity. The full moon... I did some super concentrated I need this badly manifestation and returned to Grafton two days later... and found an apartment that night.


I like this place a lot. It's on the third floor, so I will be living up high with the squirrels. I have a deck, and a good amount of storage space. It is enough for me.

I hope you will visit, join me for tea sometime... I am so happy to be home, to have a home, and to find some peace.

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