Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, adventure! I wanna be bait!

**This was written pertaining to my trip to Samana, Dominican Republic... with Jay Merriam and Co. **

Sun, June 3, 2007
Yippeee!!! I love flying, I love sitting by the window and taking lots of pictures of the clouds. No vomit for me! Yeah!

so. Everything is packed, my toenails are green, my straw hat is ready. I can't wait!

The head of the trip says, we meet in the airport and go through customs together. This way, we bamboozle them with a crowd (safety in numbers) to avoid getting stopped and searched and awkward questions:
Why are there 90 pairs of surgical gloves in your underwear?
Why are there two Target bags of syringes (5 and 20 mL?)
(um, soy diabetica???)

He said, rather casually, dress like a tourist and pack the things among your undies. That way no one will notice.

yeah- ok... I have a rather large suitcase and the medical supplies take up most of it. Good thing we are going tropical because the teeny tiny tank tops barely fit over the supplies- at least I didn't plan on wearing much!

Then he said, sort of as an afterthought, well- if they seem of a mood, we'll throw one of you as bait.

Oh! Oh!!! PIck me, oh, pick me!!! I wanna be bait! It's my specialty!
See, I am fluent in Spanish.
And have done this sort of distraction, oh, how many times? (I think of all the poor rookie cops that have had the misfortune of pulling me over).

I even have my outfit planned, should I be the one they plan to throw at customs. Long white skirt, sparkly shoes (one of the pairs that we managed to save from the fire...), tight turquoise sparkly tank (thank you Ivy!), straw hat, sunglasses... oh yes... La Tourista... they won't stand a chance.


Because... I've got The Dimple. Ask me sometime, I'll show you. It's devastating. They can't resist.

And so I'm going on an airplane (leaving at 4 am, how disgusting) and beginning Adventure Part III, yay!

see you all on the flip side.

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