Saturday, March 26, 2005

Fahk you, you fahkin fahk!

Ahh, today dawned so beautifully, birds singing and grass growing... I even saw the crocus leaves poking their way through the dirty mounds of garbage on the lawn the retreating snows have revealed. Garbage, garbage everywhere, multiplies overnight.
Worcester, dirty old armpit of a sad ghetto white trash town.
So I smile at the sun and head down the walk between the piles of garbage towards the sidewalk.

Is that MY sportsbra on the sidewalk?

Why yes, yes it is. Uh oh.

Well I did give blood yesterday, perhaps when I was bringing in the groceries it got snagged out of my gym bag and dropped on the sidewalk.

Not bloody likely, you are saying this to yourself already.

So I go to the car. I was expecting the worst because I already had the feeling. THAT feeling; someone has violated me YET AGAIN.

Yes. Someone broke into my car. AGAIN. For the second time this month, and also for the second time this month stole really stupid meaningless things. I don't get it. I really don't.
They took my rainbow print gym bag, complete with smelly sneakers, worn out yoga pants and a vet school T-shirt, shorty socks and a CD walkman that doesn't even FAHKIN belong to me!!
Not to mention a cd book with cd's in it, and... my perscription glasses?
Yes. They stole gym clothes and glasses.


I mean it's not like there is a hot market for used sneakers, is there?

Last time, they smashed my window and stole a leather bag on the floor of the front seat. What was in it? Three other bags. All to donate to a fundraiser. Hahahaha! They missed the stereo and expensive cross country skiis, and the leather jacket... all safely in the house now...
but it was the morning of my grandfather's funeral, and I came out of the house to find glass all over the sidewalk and all over the inside of my fucking car.
Which, I might add, was not all taken out by the replacement glass company and as we speak still lines the floor under the mat and was witness to the SECOND FUCKING TIME I was violated.


I can't wait to move out and back into the safety of the countryside. These people are animals.
I will shut up before I say more because I am pissed, and justifiably so.
fuck you worcester and your white trash ghetto denizens. You can fahkin keep 'em.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The short bus

Dr.S from Immunology took pity on us sub-level geniouses and allowed us to have a 'special' study group with him.
He's the nicest man, truly he is; he really truly believes it will help (though he doesn't get the fact that we all understand it and either couldn't understand the language of his questions, or just suck in general at testing. Who knew that over analyzing a multiple choice question would be my downfall?)
So we were embarassed but sticking it out together, as the 'special' kids. We were sitting at a table together, we know who we are now, laughing in that embarassed way that people have when they have done something bad... like farting loudly in the library or something.
Anyway, we were trying to make the best of it, putting ourselves down for the amusement of others.
At one point, it got out of hand; we were all feeling dumb and J.A. said, "Looks like I'm riding the short bus today!"

Now, poor Dr.S, not knowing what was coming, looked genuinely concerned and said,
"Oh! You have bus or train to catch? I will hurry." Nice man, foriegn, not up on the jokes, you know?
We started laughing even more, and he looked confused so I did my best to explain.

"You see, here there are two kinds of buses. There is the long bus, that all the regular normal kids get to take to school. And then there is the short bus. For the 'special' kids. And today, that's us."
He looked confused.
Someone chimes in,
"Yeah, you know, window lickers!"
It goes bonkers at that point.
I started doing that incredibly un-pc thing that we ALL did as kids to make fun of the 'special' kids, you know what I'm talking about because you DID IT TOO or you are lying, you curl up your hand and thwap it against your chest. Someone else pretended to lick windows. Other people were throwing in behavioral suggestions, all for the education of our beloved Dr.S.

He got it.

We settled down and he said,
"Well sometimes I feel that I am driving the short bus."

So, Veterinarians are doctors?

And they say I'M BLONDE? Come on, really!
Went on a date with someone for the first time and it turned into an interview about what veterinary school is like, and what vets do. Now, I don't expect the public to understand the particulars, but you'd think a human surgeon would at least have a clue.

But to not know that veterinary school is a medical school? Hello, we do surgery!

Boy has clearly been living under a rock. No, I take that back; under a surgery table. Sheesh.

To say the least there will be no more dates with THAT one.
I am a little put out with people thinking that veterinarians are all touchy feely and that all we do is pet puppies all day long. We do what meds do, even more so; at least their patients can at times tell them what is wrong. We get paid less and our schooling is harder (we have way more than one specific type of primate to work with!). People expect us to work miracles and be specialists in any animal we come across; and then act surprised when we say the schooling is hard. Oh brother is it hard, harder than anything I have ever done in my whole life. Try smashing your head against a stone wall, because you WANT to, and then tell everyone you LIKE it; and because you want what is on the other side of the wall, you will ritualistically smash your head against that wall every single day because you believe in the greater goal of it all. That ladies and gentlemen is vet school.
I think it is going to permanently warp me and make me unable to deal with regular people after a while. I was freaky before! Whew!