Monday, November 16, 2009

"If you want to help"

Sun, April 29, 2007
I am so amazed. So incredibly grateful to have this amazing community that you all are. Alyssum and I are staying at a friend's parent's house in Shrewsbury and we are welcome to live there until we both leave in May. (Alyssum is going to Kenya for research, and I am leaving to visit equine hospitals up and down the east coast for 8 weeks starting Mid May, ending at Starwood).

We are really appreciative of the support. I have gotten a lot of calls and messages with love from all of you, and I am in tears overwhelmed with the love of you all.

I know you all want to help us materially for our physical comfort. We are willing to accept aid (as hard as that can be sometimes.) The school and our friends are working on a way to let people help us out. I'll post a blog about where and how you can help as soon as that is sorted out; we are going to create a Wish List of the essentials we need.

We are both going to be intentionally homeless until August, as we are both leaving the area for school related things; after that time we will likely need help setting up our home again. We'll keep you all in the know as we get more information on what's happening next.

The school is being incredibly helpful in this time as well, organizing return of textbooks to us, helping us get computers and things like that. They want to make sure we can continue with things, after some time off to recover from the loss.

Again- we are both feeling incredibly warm and well loved right now. You are all amazing people, and I am blessed to have such an amazing community. Love to you all...


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