Sunday, November 15, 2009

Reiki Dancer

Tue, January 2, 2007
Thank you Jason, one of the finest New Year celebrations yet. I have rung in the year surrounded by love and joy, and this will carry me through the long months ahead.

I want to share an amazing moment...

In the house there is a room painted gold. The lights were gentle on the eyes, and the music gentle on the ears and the soul. The room held musicians and several beautiful dancers... we danced together, but not always at the same time.

I was conversing by a doorway for a time. When the conversation was through, I looked to the center of the room and saw only one lady, trance dancing from the heart. Her movements were slow and languid, full of heart and purpose. Her lovely moon face held an expression of bliss and complete surrender to where the music and the accompanying musicians were taking her. In a moment of spontaneity, I came to my knees before her and held my hands gently in front of me to hold space for her. Without thought or purpose, I found myself tracing the sacred Reiki symbol for emotion in the air at the level of her womb, keeping my hands clear of her space, trying not to disturb her aura of bliss. And held the space.

She could feel me there; she would return again and again to the sphere my hands made, the ball of energy I was holding and directing to her. At times she would dip her hands into the sphere, and cast it above her head or toward the musicians. Only once did our hands touch, but she did not trouble to open her eyes- she lingered in the energy, in the dance, weaving grace and love and energy in the infinite moment she held. The entire room was still, all the souls there giving her the space to weave this spell.

When the music did end, she opened her eyes, and came to her knees, shaking. She had felt what I had done, and was shining. It was beautiful to see, beautiful to find it so appreciated and enjoyed.

"That was all for you" I told her. And it is true. It was something I completely enjoyed giving.

She still shook and was unable to create words, and so we grounded together and brought her back.

This is something I wish to experiment with again... I wonder if it would be truly as powerful if the person recieving knew the energy was coming in? She was an open channel in that moment, completely unaware of me, locked into her own moment and her own bliss. I did not wish to break it, but enhance it. Ahhhhh.

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