Sunday, November 15, 2009

humble poi. pie. whatever.

Sun, March 26, 2006
I went to KY over spring break... met some cool poi chicks.. and was inspired to make some fuzzy friendly practice poi out of fun fur. You can hit yourself with them, and it doesn't hurt!! It really frees me up to try crazy new stuff.
So I made me some funky fuzzy poi, hot orange fur with pink fur tips. I LOVE them. I heart my new poi.

I took these bad boys to the gym, usual place usual time, work out in the aerobics room in front of the mirror, get my technique tight and so on. So every once in a while I share the room with someone else, doing yoga or pushups or what have you.

So there was this hot young guy, doing some pretty intense pushups n stuff.
And I was like, yeah look at me, I'm all badass with my funky hot poi, yeah, that's right I'm the fire mamma watch me go... feeling all hot and confident, making those mofos work!
Yeah so I'm in the middle of my little spazz routine when one of those little fuckers breaks its loop and goes flying off the chain.
I had to eat me some humble pie... what a goober... I demurely picked up my crazy little orange fuzz ball and quickly exited said aerobics room... yikes. That'll teach me. Happens every time, man! You think your hot and suddenly the sidewalk comes up and smacks you in the ass.

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