Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day in Court, take 15

Wed, May 10, 2006
...or, why I attacked a 280 lb black man on the T.

Some of you may know that Finn and I were attacked 2 years ago on the T in June, on our way to a Martini Soiree on a Newbury st. rooftop. The details are rough... a fight, an concussed man I had to keep concious... blood... wine...and glass...

Well, we have been in and out of court for this for 2 years now, in the most ridiculous perversion of the justice system that I have ever seen. The thug that attacked us has manipulated the whole thing to his advantage; not showing up, firing lawyer after lawyer, saying he wasn't ready for trial, his lawyer(s) claiming not ready for trial/defendent not cooperating... you name it. For 15 frickin court dates.

Well he has finally painted himself into a corner. (hehhahehahdhhhahhahsss!! my maniacal laughter)

Monday was a circus. He has this latina lawyer who was bugging out, screaming at everyone (including the judge), begging to be taken off the case... harassing Greg for his statement (which she had recieved and lost).
I had been up all night in the hospital with a sick foal, and had an exam on Tuesday morning, so I calmly looked my lawyer in the eye and said; I want you to tell the judge that this ends today or I am going to throw a temper tantrum- I have had enough.

So long story short, we finally got to sit in front of a judge. The thug is a psychopath, seriously folks... he was affecting a stutter then forgetting to keep it going, inventing children and forgetting the ages he gave, interrupting the judge, and (here's the best part!)
(I don't know about you, but I like to attack 280 lb drunk black men on trains all the time... I know, I know, it's a bad habit, I have to stop)
I wanted to laugh but of course, I have my game face on...
so the judge gives him a chance to plead guilty and get out of jail in 6 months... but he chooses to have a jury trial, because,
"Ya' honah, I is innocent!"
yeah, right! Like I don't have better things to do then go to court 15 FUCKING TIMES!!!

So he tried to fire this lawyer, and the judge said- "We are not a lawyer vending machine! You either keep this one or represent yourself!"

I feel like the sun was shining on my face; like all the gods smiled at once... what a perfect gift after 2 years of aggravation, fear and aggression. Whoopeee!!! He's such an idiot, it's going to be a circus! Yes, yes, ysssss!!!

So if you want to be entertained, feel free to accompany us on the morning of May 30 to see the performance of the year. It ought to be a good time. Our lawyer is going to ask for 7 years... when he could have had 6 months! Ha!

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