Monday, November 16, 2009

Undercover Faeries from the Forest

Mon, June 2, 2008
Whirring of wings... tinkling glass in the gentle breeze... tittering laughter held by the branches, released into the sky... the sunlight dappled the soft sand path as the faeries gathered at the little dome, irridescent and rippling in the tender light that filtered through the canopy of leaves. They gathered and in a myriad of soft voices discussed the need for a scouting to the outside world.
"There are some supplies we need, someone must go!"
"I wish to see the great mother ocean again!"
"It is time once again to explore the human world and see what is going on! Our world is surrounded by humanity... we must always keep an eye to the border, see what must be seen!"
And so it went on this way for a time, running between the hilarity of what must be out there, to the silent fear of what must be faced.
Finally a brave group was chosen.

In the way of faeries, it took quite a long time for the scouting party to leave. The faeries, you see, had a few human things to help them to cope and blend with the outside world; but as time does not pass in the regular way in the Forest, and possessions do not have the same significance, it took quite some time to locate the keys to the cars the faeries kept, and to gather the entire party into agreement to leave at once.

In time, the faeries split up into two scouting parties and departed.

Two of the faerie women left by the long winding tree tunnel road. They giggled all the way to the car, as the enormity of what they were undertaking had not yet sunk in. Tittering they went, passing on silent bare feet under the sweet filtered sunlight to the car. In the car they giggled at the controls and the keys, until finally they settled into the seriousness of what was to be.
"ooh, the outside world! Can we really do this?" one of them exclaimed.
"We can! We must remember we are undercover!" the other replied.

And so they maneuvered the car down the long dappled road overhung with trees, the music of Faerie resounding in their ears, soothing their passage. Up ahead they saw the end of the tree tunnel, a giant upside-down U of bright light, with cars ripping through their vision at incredible speeds. They crawled the car up to the entrance and opened the gate. For a time they sat parked, facing the sunlight, as their vision was adjusted to the delicate sunlight of the Forest and not at all to the glaring bare Road with its bright bare light!
"oooh! wow!" they giggled as they sat.

Soon the other scout party roared by in their car, pulling over to wait. The parties were united on the road and began their trek to the Mother Ocean. Along the highway they went, their senses overwhelmed by the brightness and speed of all the things around them. Having lived under the trees in a place that does not care to keep time or a fast pace, they were shocked by how time passed, and by the sights around them. They squealed at the sights as they drove- flowers by the side of the road, shiny signs, people and fast cars everywhere.
"What stories we will have for them!"
"We must remember to act human when we get out of this car!"
"How is it we will manage?"

Finally they made it to the ocean. It was a wonderous place of salt, sand, and sea. It was a place where the trees appeared to have walked to the shore to die, becoming great monoliths of sculpture, beautiful pieces of art worn by the harsh elements there. The scouting party played and cavorted along the shore, climbing the great dead trees, splashing as merfolk in the lovely sea water.

After a time the faeries grew hungry and decided to scout for food. They drove once again on the human roads and decided to eat at a human eating place. This was perhaps the most strange experience they had, for they had to interact with people and remember how to act as one of them. Although they felt they were doing a good job, their keen eyes and ears picked up the resonance that perhaps they weren't blending quite as well as they could. At this they laughed, and took joy in causing confusion... why not?

Two of the faeries departed to fly a long way to the North, where their own clan lived. The rest of the scouting party returned to the comfort and safety of the Forest, reveling in the gentleness and timelessness of the place; in the good food, thankfulness and company there.
"Life is difficult for humans outside the Forest!" said one.
"Yes... scouting parties, they are so necessary, but I for one am glad to be home."

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