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Wed, November 8, 2006
So some of you have seen my neighbors. A few of you have even met them. Perhaps you remember my run in with them when they got all excited about my firespinning:

Anyway... my life is fairly routine, studying at my little desk when I am not in classes. My room is at the front of the house, and the desk is between two lovely large windows- which means I can see the comings and goings of all the trucks, toys, visitors, large equipment and everything else that comes up and down the driveway hundreds of times a day. As wide as the gap is between my perception of the world and theirs, I enjoy their company occasionally- I go outside, shoot the shit with them, taking in the vernacular and the stories about drunken crashes of this and that.

They're hicks. They're a good sort, kind hearted guys, really sweet, but not too bright. Last week a firetruck pulled up and a bunch of firemen came streaming across the lawn (cutest thing ever- one of them looked like he hadn't even started shaving! Cuuuute!) so I got all excited, and went out to see what the fuss was all about. They were burning THE ENTIRE brush pile out in the backyard- tires, tarps and all. The nieghbors down the road were pissed bacause billows of thick black smoke were washing over their houses. Hello? Tires? Tarps?
"Yeah, the smoke was so fuckin' thick, I couldn't see 5 feet in fronta me!"
They had no idea why the neighbors were mad.
"Meddlin' bunch a quacks".

So it really is an endless source of amusement; if you can appreciate them for who and what they are, at face value. And I do.

Anyway, onto the latest... I was studying this past weekend when I saw a towtruck pull in, loaded up with dirtbikes and ATVs. I had seen the pack leave a few hours before (after several ripping test runs up and down the driveway and across the lawn) on their dirtbikes, but I didn't recognize the ATVs. Oh, great, more toys for the barn. Alyssum and I watched from the window as the truck made its climb up the drive.
"What do you suppose they're up to now?" I wondered.
"Oooh! Oooh! Go and see!" said Alyssum... and since I'm nosey (yes, I'll be the old lady twitching the curtains later in life- no, F that, I'll be staring over the fence) and know them a little, I obliged.
Anyway I'm always looking for an opportunity to openly make fun of them. I do it all the time; I don't think they realize just how much I laugh at them.

Out onto the porch I went, in my pj's. (I can't study well unless I'm wearing pjs, that's just how it is).

Grant was standing out there in his dirtbike pants, while two other guys unloaded the tow truck.

"What happened, didja get busted?" He just scowled, so I laughed.
Andy came up the path.
"Busted, huh?"
"Yeah! Gonna cost us $350 just for the fukin tow, too! Fukin Sutton cops, buncha bastahds! We was just standin around, shootin the shit, they fukin came up in ATVs so we thought they was just some more guys, ya know? And so we were sittin ducks, fuk! They fukin busted us. There was a couple 15 year olds- them ATVs are theirs- and they started cryin- "my dad's gonna kill me!" I felt bad. Shit. So fukin, we gotta pay fines n shit, trespassing- like we're gonna wreck a gravel pit? Fukin bastahds. And they dropped Grant's bike on the tower, too, busted his radiator n shit. Fuk. I'm fahkin pisst!"


So bad little monkey I am, I snuck inside and got this little photo for y'all. Hilarious. Totally and completely. And know what? They will be back out there this weekend.

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