Sunday, November 15, 2009

Holy Exploding Washing Machine, Batman!

Mon, February 19, 2007
I got home from the gym, tired but happy; it was still early in anyone else's book. I was standing at the stove, absently making oatmeal. The kettle was close to a boil. I'm no good until I have had breakfast (doesn't matter that I just sweat my ass off at the gym... don't need to be awake from that.)

Roomie had to go into the wildlife clinic at the ass crack of dawn to work; clever her, though, she got a leg up on chores and threw a load in the washer before she left.

So anyway, I'm stirring oatmeal when the washer goes from SUCK TO BLOW.


It went into the rinse phase and suddenly there was a tsunami running in two directions... into the kitchen and into the bathroom.


I dropped my spoon, cats exploding in all directions. I jumped on the washer and did my best Little Dutch Boy imitation- I reached for the offending pipe and tried to make something (anything!) happen... it stopped for 2 seconds, enough to take a breath, then exploded around my hand. Water to the ceiling. Wheee!!! So finally the brains kicked in and I shut off the water switch; realized that wasn't the problem... so I got a clue (finally) and turned off the washer.

I grabbed every towel I could reach- off the stove handle, off the rack in the bathroom and threw down.


Oh- and cat hair, and Jess hair, and Alyssum hair- cuz, well, I haven't swept in a couple of weeks, OK?

Then I called the landlord and made it HIS problem. He was out in the garage...
"Hey, Jay!! Help! The washer exploded! I'm drowning!"

He was there in no time with a giant pile of towels from the shop and helped me mop up...

So it turns out that the fact that it went down to zero last night froze the pipe and blocked it up, so the water had no where to go except all over my kitchen. Joy! Well- it's rigged until spring to unload


Well, at least it won't be where I get my socks soggy. Nothing like an explosion before breakfast to get ya all pumped up!

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