Sunday, May 07, 2006

Coyote Magic of Spring

It happens every spring. As the sap moves through the trees, and the smell of earth becomes pervasive- deep and rich, intoxicating like incense... I feel my blood thinning with the heat and running through my veins, alive... awake... aware.
I feel I have been asleep since October, I feel I have been moving through molasses, feet in blocks of cement. Only now with the warmth of these days I am bright and alert, and here.
This is the time of Coyote magic. It is no mistake that April Fools is in the spring. Coyote is here, tickling my feet and my fancy, telling me to wake up and play. I feel fantastic and fine, young and free... and it is indeed time to play.
I am straining at the edges of this semester, waiting to shed more clothes and responsibilities and get down to the sweaty business of summer fun and flirting. There are people out there waiting to be known, flirted with, played with and discovered; this may sound at first sexual, but I merely wait for the joy of discovery as usual.
How often I have gotten in trouble, with this Coyote magic dancing on my lips! Riding in my dimple, in my teasing phrases, my sly glances to all people alike. If I like you, if I fancy you, if I think you are fun and fine and a good friend, I flirt... to me flirting is like exercise, something to be done regularly because it does a body good.
And so I honor Coyote, Coyote who has come to me in dreams, who dances in my soul every day, who pulses in my veins especially in spring, who brings to my lips these teases that all might laugh... and perhaps feel a little passion in their blood, because to live is to love is to feel is to find yourself longing for the pleasure of life in the fullest.
Coyote... coyote... come and play, I am ready... ready for the summer, you old flirt, ready to set your mischief alight into the summer air.

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alyssum said...

Beware readers: Coyote does not make a good business partner or lover. So let her flirt with you, but don't be tricked into the briar patch to pick berries with her!

(and Jess--be careful because the jokes Coyote gives you to play may backfire!)

....insight thanks to my Animal Medicine cards...