Sunday, February 13, 2005

study insanity

Waiting for my favorite study buddy to come on by, thought I would give this blog thing a whirl... I am a little hung over, my amazing porn star makeup still on. Yeah, they have come out with 16 hour makeup now, but what this means is that if you pass out with it on you wake up with it on... lipstick and all... who wouldn't feel like a movie star with full makeup, no flaws, right when you get out of bed? Awww crap, my damn head hurts but hey! I still look pretty!
Ugh. I got ready at A's house last night and left my makeup remover on, so while I look pretty I am trying to get down to the serious business of studying and yet, I look like I am trying to pick up a date. Hilarious. Sweatpants, sweatshirt, mussed up hair yet my face is perfect. I feel like one of those freaks that come to the gym with makeup on. Who do they think they are kidding? Who gives a rats ass about you when you are grunting and sweating on a treadmill, why do you need to paste on six tons of makeup? Sheesh.
So today is study day for immunology. Good thing I like it, most of the things we study will go in one ear and out the other; all the upper classwomen (hey vet school is 80% women) say, awww, you won't need that, you'll forget that... why the hell am I cramming it in my head then???
So, fuck it. I am gonna study my goddamn immunology with all my makeup on and kick ass anyways.
When I am not so hung over and grouchy I think I will write out some of the amusing shit that happens to all of us here at vet school. It's like highschool all over again... in fact the reason I have all this makeup on to begin with is because we had a PROM last night. That's right, a prom. Sheesh. I decided to go non traditional and wore my japanese silk dress, bright red, smashing! I felt fabulous, and being newly single, so psyched to doll all up dressed to kill, in my new Tango high heels... get there and remember, oh yeah. There's about 20 guys. And they are all like brothers to me. (And most are taken anyways.) Hit on the Brazilian bus boy? Sigh. Nope... another dud.
So I'm off like a prom dress... till next time.

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alyssum said...

I'm famous! A-, the favorite study buddy, yes!
Rad-ios, amiga.