Saturday, January 16, 2010

I can survive the lunatic...

She barges in while I'm examining patients and having Dr/Client conversations... because she thinks they're all her "friends".  Regardless of the seriousness of what I'm trying to address.

She talks loudly about clients and doesn't seem to care if there are other people in the clinic that can hear.

Not only does she not scrub for surgeries, she wears long sleeve shirts and bracelets and I have on more than one occasion seen her drag these things into an open surgical site.  She will also use the same pack on several (unrelated) animals.

She does not believe in pain management and thinks all animals are "drama queens" who wake up screaming.  All our patients wake up screaming, shaking uncontrollably, smashing their heads against the cage.  This would have gotten you a demerit from Anesthesia where I went to school.  When asked if we can have better pain meds I am routinely turned down because she thinks people will abuse the meds (there are only 6 employees and a lock box!) and she also doesn't believe the animals need it.

She regularly steals my cases, despite the fact that I am paid on production.  She is the one who pays me, the one who proposed the low, low salary to be supplemented with production.  WTF?  Often she will steal my surgeries and say carelessly, "well I'm faster, it'll just get done faster if I do it."  Yeah, but it's MY surgery day!  I lose money and production to my BOSS!

If something goes wrong and a client complains, she will not back her vets up.  She'll just instantly cave and give the client a huge break on the bill or whatever they want.  Without even talking to one of us first, to see what happened, or giving us the opportunity to make it right or talk to the client.

She flies off the handle and makes rash decisions, throws tantrums, breaks things (not just objects but relationships); she is vulgar and rude; she is often out of control.  She will do things like show clients her surgery sites from her breast cancer/ implants, right in the office.  We regularly lose clients because she somehow thinks this is ok.

Often she will call one employee to bitch about another.  After she unloads, she says "there!  I feel better, well, that's all."  And leave you feeling that you've backstabbed someone, participated in gossip, without ever wanting to.

It's crap.  I hate it.  It's hard enough to be a vet without dealing with someone who is certifiably insane and untreated.  Her business grew in spite of her, and this is how crazy people end up bosses and practice owners.  Please Goddess save me from this insanity, please grant me safety and sanity in my next practice.  Please please grant it soon.  I want a good, secure, steady job with liveable hours and wage, a good client base with a sweet case load, an employer/ staff I can trust... is it so much to ask for? I just want to do my job.  I just want to be a good veterinarian.  Please save me from this madness.

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