Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Because I'm blonde, that's why!

So in order to haul around parts of my project, we needed a vehicle. A large one. So we thought, well, I guess we could rent a van... you know, to do it all at once rather than haul around what we need in several trips... cuz see, I'm the kind of girl that likes to do things efficiently, like carry all the groceries in at once.

Well no one was being creative! They'd sigh... well, I guess we have to pay all that money... meanwhile I'm watching countless university vehicles driving by, vans, trucks, you name it! And I thought, I want one! Dammit, I pay enough money to go here, I wanna drive one for one day!

So once I set my mind to it, I stopped every vehicle that passed me to get some ideas.

I decided to start from the bottom. Talk to the guys that drive these things everyday. Anyways, who doesn't like a nice sweet smile from a blonde girl? And a little dimple or two never hurts... hee hee...
So I talk to one of the grounds guys, and he was very helpful, sending me to the top guy... calling in advance to warm him up, warning him that a very nice girl needed his help...

Off I went to the office, to ask for what I needed. I think this is what it comes down to... lots of people just don't ask. That's all you gotta do sometimes, ask! And that's what I did!

Long story short... they not only granted me a truck for a day, but decided they had better wash and wax it too, you know, good PR... what could be better for the face of the university than a couple of healthy cute girls piling out of the truck on good research business, doing good for the community? Now you're thinking... it all depends on the spin, really.

It's so good to be blonde.

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