Monday, April 04, 2005


This is why it's good to be blonde!
I went to a local alternative/goth/gay club on Fetish night with my lovely open minded man and a few guy friends. I was dressed not to kill but to entrance... red mesh dress, flamenco heels, yummy!! I felt the need to really break loose because school has been killing my spirit and what I feel I am or was...

I brought with me a two foot long black ostrich plume that I would dance with and tease my lovely entourage... a little teasing glance from behind the fluffy plume here and there... not quite a veil, but certainly a lovely experience dancing with it!

My feet began to throb after a few hours of dancing in these lovely torture devices with three inch heels. Beautiful and incredibly impractical, kind of like a miata. I found myself in the midst of a massage at that point, my lovely boy on one shoulder and my favorite hunky dance partner on the other, and a handsome gentleman taking care of the pesky lower back muscles. I felt like I could finally recover and let go of the horrendous tests I have been having lately.
Finally as the dark haired lovely one went to get me a drink, I found myself escorted to a throne like chair; plush red velvet, dark wood detailing, the works. As soon as I was seated, my shoes were removed and my feet found themselves in capable hands. Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

So there I was, my lovely dark boy on my left holding my drink, my hunky dance partner on my right making meatballs with my feet when up walks a man in a thong and a slave collar.
Does this sound shocking? Perhaps I forgot to mention some details of the club like the amount of flesh covered in vinyl and leather (or perhaps the amount of flesh not covered). As long as your nipples and nethers are covered, you're legal. And I mean only covered; electrical tape is A.O.K. So is mesh. Hmmmm. Anyways, I believe in the sexiness of leaving some things to the imagination (parts of me are still a lady and I like the old method of seduction; leave them wondering...) but I certainly don't mind looking at what other people consider legal, interesting or sexy.

So back to my new slave.

He had asked before if he might have the 'privelege' of serving me, so I told him to get on the floor as I had a spare foot that needed care. So down he went, and took great care in his massage. I was careless in all this, laughing with others who were somewhat drawn to the scene to see what it was all about; at one point I had my dark lovely on one side, my hunky dancer on the other, the slave on the floor and two other male friends standing about my chair; I handed S my plume and said, "please, complete it, if only for a second!" and he obliged by 'fanning' me with my feather. Again, I say aaaaaaahhhhhh...

I have always said that I will someday move to Utah and turn them on their ears by being a woman with a polyandrous family. Why not? A man to take care of the yard, a few more to tend the children, a few to work, and each one to satisfy me how I like. If men can have it why can't I? I could probably do a better job handling it all anyhow.

So there you have it. Why it is good to be a blonde.

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